Our Vision

To transform our homes, community and world by being a  Relevant, Serving, Growing Family of Jesus Followers.  


We connect by being relevant to our culture. We strive to grow closer to Christ and spiritual maturity. We serve others and share the Good News of the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus. We believe God has placed us here in this community for such a time as this to Transform and Influence our homes, community and world with love, service and compassion in the name of Jesus.



Our Beliefs

What Kind of Church? We are a diverse church that welcomes all who want to follow Jesus as their Lord. We come from various socio-economic backgrounds, many religious heritages, and all races. This is a church that encourages you to seek the Lord with all your heart and we welcome you to join us on our journey of faith and to become involved in one or more of our ministries. You will be loved here.


Our faith is an active faith a “doing” faith. Membership is not something to be taken casually. We believe that Christians should be known by their love, their active faith, their character, and their passion for Christ.


For more information Visit the “Our Beliefs” page.



What about baptism and becoming a Member?

At the Patterson Rd Church of Christ we emphasize the importance of faith, repentance and baptism by immersion of those who have professed their faith in Jesus and desire to turn their hearts over to Him as Lord. We do not have planned times for baptisms but as soon as someone comes to faith we encourage them to share in Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection through baptism, trusting His perfect sacrifice to forgive our sins as we receive the Holy Spirit’s indwelling and are added by Jesus himself to His world wide body of believers, the church. If you have not yet obeyed Jesus’ command to be baptized then we look forward to sharing more about that with you!



A Little More About Us!

We encourage all members to intentionally engage in the process of connecting with God and other believers, growing in the image of Christ and practice faith, becoming an active participant in the ministries of the church and in serving others with the gifts and abilities that God has given.


We encourage each member to attend our weekly worship gatherings, be intentional about greeting and meeting guests to our assembly and to give in keeping with their financial blessings understanding the Lord is God, not our money and possessions. (No one will tell you how much to give, or question you about whether you give or not.)


We acknowledge Faith as a journey and we are all growing in our understanding of discipleship and God’s word. None of us has all the answers. We come from various traditions and faith backgrounds and have various opinions yet we seek not to bind those matters of personal preference or tradition on others. We desire to love God and others first as our calling, living lives of daily repentance, acting justly and showing mercy being always open to truth as we discover it relative to God’s word and our life.